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Exeptional quality prosecco made using sustainable methods

An untold story

Beneath the Dolomite mountains, the hills of Valdobbiadene are alive with the local culture, knowledge and passion for making Prosecco. As it's so little known to the world beyond, Della Vite (meaning ‘from the vine’) sets out to tell Prosecco’s real story.

Celebrate with love

Finding opportunities to celebrate is more important now than ever. The little things in life - just meeting up with family after a long time apart - are now the big things. Della Vite is delicious and versatile enough to mark any occasion.

An inpirational landscape

A region of quiet valleys and dramatic skylines, Glera grapes have been grown here since Roman times. At the heart of artisanal Italian wine culture, much of the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, selected for conservation for its cultural and environmental significance. This means our winery’s sustainability is continually monitored.

Fermented for an extra 30 days for a willy delicious presecco

The world of presecco

Named after a small village, Presecco is an Italian while produced. The community here is alive with passion for making wine, and the wineries come together through the 'consorzio' (consortium) - set up to monitor and maintain quality.

A family affaire

When we met Carlo and Adriana Biasiollo - the third generation of winemarkers in their family _ we fell an instant connection, which only got stronger when tried their wines. After a two year-long journey developing Della Vite Prosecco together, they naturally became part of our extender family.

Clean production

Solar energy powers most Della Vite production, and our water is heated by the refrigeration units' exchange system. Nitrogen for the air, never from chemicals. Our Presecco is filted through a ceramic system - not draining agents containing animal products - meaning all our products are certified vegan.

Certified quality

D.O.C (Denominazione di Origin Controllata) and D.O.C.G (Denominazione di Origin Controllata e Garantila) are trusted markers of provenance and quality. Under Italian wine law, D.O.C.G is the highest designation of quality among Italian wines.

Obsession for detail

Before each harvest, we take a small sample of grapes and apply different homemade yeasts to see which brings out the best flavour profile from that season's grapes. Expert winemarkers oversee process - and especially during secondary fermentation, when the liqid is left in vats for 60 days - they constantly check and monitor its development.